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Spotmill is a production house with a solutions based approach to your media & business problems.

Strategic problem-solving

We excel at identifying and resolving complex challenges.

Creative Thinking

We bring innovative ideas and fresh perspectives to every project.

Creative Solutions.

We leverage imagination, lateral thinking, and explore unconventional angles to develop fresh perspectives and approaches.


Our Services For Clients

Digital Strategy

Video Editing & Design

Content Direction

Marketing Strategy

PR Development

Broadcast & Media


A Peek at some Projects We Have Done


Born in 2008 – Spot is a media agency with a solutions based approach to your media & business problems.

Client Formula

The output we produce is based on an unquenchable passion to make things work. We give our very best from day one, and work tirelessly to produce thoughtful solutions for our clients and inevitably friends.


Ray has developed and trained as many media and marketing professionals as anyone on the planet. With a heart for mentoring, Ray is a brilliant media consultant and has made an enormous impact on across the country. Spotmill has produced innovative programming with industry professionals in Russia, Central and South America, Eastern Europe, and Asia. This uber-caffeinated producer is one of the founders of SPOTMILL.com an organic group of “culture shifterz” that provide services to major international digital entertainment companies that do everything from TV series and commercial spots to documentaries, deployment and technology trend-casting. University trained in Europe, he is
multi-lingual, and has developed extensive global media relationships. Ray and his partners also lead RXSHIFT a creatively driven advertising agency based in Los Angeles. Let’s connect – we could be the next good step towards your – Big Idea.


Glen Rose, the innovative film and video producer and editor, is a critical force in the media industry. With his razor-sharp editing skills, he mesmerizes audiences and amazes directors with his magical touch. A devoted family man and a believer in the power of storytelling, Glen balances his craft with love for his kids and culinary adventures. Leading Spotmill’s creative post-production department, he transforms visions into cinematic masterpieces, leaving jaws dropping and hearts soaring with every frame. Get ready to be dazzled as Glen Rose sprinkles stardust on your project, defying expectations and creating pure movie magic.

Who We Are

.Formed in 2008, evolving year after year and always eager to work with like minded collaborators, were an integrated creative agency with attitude. A nice, warm, hard working, creative attitude.

We started with “like minded”  film and broadcast relationships in many countries of the world.  It came to the point where we wanted to not only work together,  but to intentionally create and innovate together on projects. Spotmill was born.

Today we create and develop on and for most all platforms that currently exist today. The team constantly pushes to be ahead of the curve and highly effective. It is this motivation that translates to very satisfied clients.

From Broadcast to Media

Regardless of the size, we have the team and the experience to bring your image to life.

Studio Production. Series Production. Docs-Series. Docu-Drama. Educational Programming. Short format and Long format story messaging.

“Broadcast” standard editing and sound design? No Problem.


Our Team has been in the trenches for some of the best out there.

“Live” Production is such a different animal. PERIOD.

Luckily it’s another one of our specialties.

One shot to get it right. The right persons need to get it right and they need to communicate with each other as if by instinct. Spotmill is that team.


Some of our Favorite People